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Driveway Replacement & Repair

Colorado weather is tough on driveways, Denver Concrete can help you fix your driveway with a more durable and reliable finish. Read More

Walkways & Sidewalks

Replacement walkways, sidewalks to enhance the accessibility and curb appeal of your home. Read More

City Sidewalk

We have the ability to pull right of way permits and complete your city sidewalk project correctly. Read More

Concrete Patios

From decorative to just practical and functional, we have a great deal of experience in helping your repair, replace or Read More

Concrete Removal

When you just need it gone! Denver Concrete Inc will complete concrete removal only projects. Read More
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  • Concrete Pumping

    Concrete Pumping is the fastest, easiest way to place concrete. Denver Concrete Inc offers professional concrete pumping services as a stand alone service!

    Read More
  • Concrete Resurfacing

    Concrete resurfacing offers property owners a cheaper alternative to concrete replacement. By using the existing concrete and resurfacing, some customers have saved over 50% of what it would have cost them to tear out and replace the same concrete!

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Concrete Contractors Denver

Denver Concrete

Denver Concrete Inc is a locally owned and operated concrete contractor focusing on residential concrete and commercial flatwork. So whether you are looking to repair or replace your driveway or concrete sidewalk, the team at Denver Concrete Inc are excited to help you!

Our team is different than the average concrete contractor Denver. The staff and contractors that create the team at Denver Concrete Inc. have well over 5 decades of experience. So when it comes to your project, you can rest assured that you will have the experience needed to complete your concrete project on time and on budget. Unlike other larger contractors, Denver Concrete Inc  is a smaller family owned company where your business means the world to us. Your business is personal for us.

We have built our company on referrals and old school principals that have always proven successful. We understand how important your project is to you and we take a huge amount of pride in the work that we complete. Not only do we want to impress you with our finished product, but we want to earn the business of everyone that you know. We can only achieve this by genuinely dedicating our best to every project that we commit to.

We are completely dedicated to your satisfaction, so much so that we have written a satisfaction guarantee. Our satisfaction guarantee is a huge part of ever contract that we commit to. When we ask first time customers about their experience with Denver Concrete Inc, we continue to hear the same feedback, “we like Denver Concrete because we felt that we could trust them with our project”. That is exactly what we have sought out to do. We strive to be the Colorado Concrete Company that you can trust.

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Denver Concrete Inc is always publishing projects, maintenance information and just general information about concrete including installation and do it yourself ideas. Make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed in order to get updates automatically.

Penetrating Concrete Sealers

penetration concrete sealers

Typically used in the exterior applications, penetrating concrete sealers actually "penetrate" into the concrete and form a chemical barrier which protects against water, deicing agents as well as moisture. Penetrating concrete sealers usually leave a "natural finish" and do not change the appearance of the surface, most of the penetrating sealers are "breathable" not sealing the concrete which allows vapors to escape. Penetrating concrete sealers are typically used for driveways as most of the sealers have a long lifespan and only require reapplication every 4 to 5 years or so.

Four application of a penetrating concrete sealer, it is quite simple and most "do-it-yourselfers" can seal their driveway or whatever other concrete feature by simply using a sprayer and roller. Once the penetrating sealer is applied its main job is to reduce the substrate's ability to take on water. Imagine this, imagine your concrete driveway is like a sponge with open cavities going all the way to the substrate or the soils beneath concrete. Without a sealer of some kind blocking the cavities, water can absorb from the top of the driveway all the way through the concrete pad and to the bottom of the driveway which then is absorbed by the substrate beneath. Having water buildup between the driveway and the substrate can cause stains on the top of the driveway and create moisture erosion in that area.

Applying a penetrating sealer typically does not require much preparation on the surface of the concrete other than cleaning the surface and having it completely free of any other curing agents, topical coatings, dirt, dust, grease, oil or other previous sealants that were applied. Perhaps the best way to clean the surface that you will be resealing or sealing for the first time is to use a pressure washer and diligently clean the surface.

A penetrating concrete sealer will stop the flow of moisture or water from the top of the concrete pad through the bottom of the pad. It's important to know that the sealer is not completely comprehensive meaning that it does not completely seal the concrete as it does allow vapor and gas to move through the concrete still.

There are five different types of penetrating sealers in the marketplace, these are:

Fluorinated Materials

Each of these different sealers are used for different reasons. The silicates are classified as hardener's or "densifiers". Silanes, Silisconates and siloxanes are all used as water repellents in concrete while Fluorinated materials are used to repel oil and water.

When applying a penetrating concrete sealer, after the surface has been cleaned there is no need to profile the surface by grinding, shot blasting, sandblasting, scarifying a surface or acid etching, the surface should be dry so as to allow the sealant to be absorbed completely by the concrete.

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