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If there is ever one thing that is common when completing concrete estimates, it is, “Concrete is so expensive” and “isn’t there anything we can do to lessen the cost of this (whichever project)”. Concrete like any other investment in your home is costly and so isn’t it amazing that after installing a new concrete patio or driveway, most homeowners do not do anything to keep the concrete in the best condition possible. As a matter of fact, concrete is completely abused for the most part. We drive our vehicles over the concrete, we spill paint and other chemicals on our driveways, garage floors and basement floors. We drag hard objects over our concrete drives and garage floors without regard to the actual concrete.

Exterior concrete goes untreated by and large for the most part, absorbing all precipitation and daily weathering along with normal wear and tear. Then after years of extreme abuse, we get upset because the concrete starts fading and chipping, failing after all the difficult and harsh treatment. A solid sealer can go a long way to helping protect you concrete, especially if used correctly. There are three main types of concrete sealers, topical, integral as well as penetrating. Most homeowners will use topical and penetrating sealers as integral sealers are added to the concrete mix at the plant.

Regularly Cleaning And Sealing Concrete Will

  1. Extend Concrete Life Of Concrete
  2. Increase the Durability and Integrity of the Concrete
  3. Amplifies Color
  4. Protects Concrete
  5. Reduces or Stops Mold
  6. Reduces water damage
  7. Concrete is Easier to Clean and Maintain
  8. Protects against UV rays

The benefits are too significant to ignore. Concrete typically averages around $7.00 - $8.00 per foot for the typical installation. Good sealers can cost anywhere from $0.25 - $2.00 per sq ft to install and most home owners can easily seal their own concrete. We have a complete “do-it-yourself” guide to sealing your own concrete.

Before you purchase a sealer it is important to review our blog post about selecting a concrete sealer, this is important for regular maintenance on your concrete patios, driveways or floors. DO NOT just select any concrete sealer from your local Home Depot or Lowes, we recommend specialty products only as they have proven to be more effective than “off the shelf” cheaper products offered by major retailers.

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