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Concrete Removal Denver

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Concrete Removal Denver

Denver Concrete Inc. offers concrete removal services as a standalone service. Many contractors in the Denver area only offer concrete removal as part of a new installation. Our Denver concrete removal services offer complete concrete tear out and disposal.

Are you considering removing an old concrete patio, driveway, concrete walkway or other type of concrete installation? Add Denver Concrete Inc. to your list of contractors bidding for the project. We want as much concrete removal business as we can get! The pricing for concrete removal depends on access to the project site. Also, how much of the work is completed with equipment versus manual labor.

So for example let's take a concrete driveway. Tearing out a concrete driveway and disposing of the concrete is going to be much simpler compared to a basement floor. We would be able to use a skid steer to break up the concrete driveway and also to remove it. At least in most cases, for most driveways… As far as disposal, the skid steer could simply bucket all of the broken concrete into a roll off container for recycling.

Now, let's take a basement floor that needs replacement. Access to the basement floor is through the main entry and non-egress windows. The concrete will need to manual removal using a jackhammer and then it will move out through either the main entrance or the non-egress windows. This kind of project would take more time and therefore more man-hours which means it would be more expensive.

What does concrete removal cost?

Concrete removal in Denver really does change in price according to the project. Below we have drawn up a table for what Denver Concrete Inc. would charge for various concrete removal projects. The prices have been split according to "Easy Access" versus "limited access" pricing. This pricing to give a guideline and specific pricing would require an "in person" estimate.

Concrete Removal Denver Cost per Square Foot

Size of Concrete Removal Project Limited Access Price per sq ft

Complete Access Price per sq ft

0 - 300 sq ft $3,000.00* $3,000.00*
301- 500 sq ft $6.00 $4.00
501 - 1,000 sq ft $5.50 $3.50
1,000 - 10,000 sq ft $3.00 $2.50

*Denver Concrete Inc has a project minimum of $3,000 for all projects

It is important to note that concrete removal alongside a concrete installation is much cheaper than the prices shown above. Denver Concrete Inc subsidizes the cost of tearing out concrete if a new installation of around the same square footage is installed after tear out. The price for concrete removal if tearing out and replacing the concrete is $1.00 per sq ft.

The pricing above assumes that the concrete is no more than 4" thick which is a traditional thickness for most concrete installation. If the concrete removal is thicker than 4" pricing would need adjustment to account for thicker concrete.

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