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How Much Does it Cost To Repair a Driveway in Denver?

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This is tough to determine "sight unseen" however; we will do our best to give you some ideas as to what you can expect to see if you are repairing your driveway. The first thing to determine is what kind of repairs are needed. Sounds simple, but the current concrete driveway really needs to be examined for spalling, major cracking and heaving as well as possible water mitigation issues. So, first step is to start with an inspection of the driveway.

Some concrete driveways in Denver are in such bad shape (the actual integrity of the concrete has failed) that there is no other option but to tear out and replace the driveway. If, after your inspection you decide that the concrete is in such bad shape that you will need to replace it, this is definitely a perfect time to consider any kind of improvements you might like to make to the driveway (expand the driveway or add decorative concrete for "curb appeal"). If you are considering hiring a Denver concrete company to complete the project for you, almost all contractors have cheaper pricing for larger projects. This is because the actual cost of having he concrete delivered becomes significantly less with the more that is ordered for the project.

Denver Concrete Repair Services

Concrete Resurfacing Price per sq/ft
Crack Repair | Crack Chasing $1.00
Concrete Driveway Rejuvenation $1.50
Concrete Driveway Replacement $8.50
MudJacking | Concrete Lifting $7.00


Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing your concrete driveway would be ideal, this service costs about half as much as a new concrete driveway and uses the existing concrete. Resurfacing, like it sounds, is the process of installing a new concrete surface over an older (typically damaged) surface. A concrete overlay is applied to the existing concrete driveway and leaves a "new" look and feel.

Denver Concrete Inc has invested a great deal of time testing different concrete overlay systems and we have posted about our concrete resurfacing service here.

In a nutshell, concrete resurfacing can be a very viable solution if the the current driveway is a decent candidate for the service to begin with.

Crack Chasing

If your driveway is only cracked and there is not significant damage to the surface. In other words the surface is not detioriorating badly and in all seems to be in good shape, than concrete chasing would more than likely be the appropriate repair for your driveway.

By sealing and really just "waterproofing" your concrete driveway, you are helping prevent further deterioration. By not allowing more water to easily penetrate the driveway you are stopping water from deteriorating the base of the driveway which ultimately over time if allowed to continue can create large voids underneath your driveway. These voids stress the concrete and ultimately lead to more damage over time.

Routing and sealing the cracks in your driveway is a simple process that you can complete yourself or hire Denver Concrete Inc. You can learn more about the process on our "sealing concrete cracks" page.

Concrete Driveway Rejuvenation

Like it says, this would be the rejuvenation of your concrete driveway with some very simple processes. If you're current concrete driveway is discolored, stained and just looks very worn and old, a powerwash with a muriatic acid wash will remove all of the tough stains that have built up over the years. A final powerwash with detergent and rinse and your concrete driveway will look fantastic!

Of course this will not completely bring the concrete driveway back to when it was new, it will definitely make a huge difference.

Tear Out and Replace Concrete Driveway

Of course tearing out the current concrete driveway and replacing it might be the best solution. If that is the case, you will find our page on "What does it cost for a concrete driveway?" extremely helpful. There we have reviewed national average pricing for replacing a concrete driveway as well as some local pricing for good measure. On that same page we also put up Denver Concrete Inc's pricing for concrete driveways. These prices are meant to be used as a guideline and an in-person estimate is recommended for finding out the specific cost to replace your home's or businesses' driveway.

Mudjacking or Concrete Lifting

If the current concrete driveway is starting to drop in elevation, concrete lifting can actually lift the concrete back into place. Denver Concrete Inc does not offer concrete lifting or mudjacking as a service. In our experience this process costs the customer almost the same amount as tearing out and replacing the existing concrete. In the opinion of our concrete experts it does not make sense to lift the concrete as this sometimes does not actually "fix" the problem.

In cases where the driveway has dropped, it is important to address the base of the pour (the base that the concrete driveway was poured and finished on). Dropping can happen for many reasons, the most common is a poorly installed base. Oftentimes in these cases Denver Concrete Inc can tear out the portion of the driveway that is dropping and address the real problem by rebuilding the base and installing new concrete.

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