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Small Concrete Projects

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Denver Concrete Inc. definitely wants to look at whatever small projects you might have, however we do have a project minimum for all of our concrete projects. Our project minimum is $2500 which means that projects which are below 100 ft.² in area might be better completed as a "do-it-yourself" project. We are more than glad to assist with information for customers that have elected to do their project themselves. We definitely want to give as much guidance and helpful information as we possibly can. So just because you are doing the project yourself does not mean that our team at Denver Concrete Inc. does not want to help!

In many cases when it comes to a very small concrete project, often times are concrete consultants will recommend to customers that they perform the project themselves if possible. For example, earlier this year a customer requested for a patio extension so that they could extend their current patio about 1 foot. The entire extension was going to be 15' x 1' making a total of 15 ft.². In this particular case, our concrete consultant recommended that the customer consider completing the project themselves or possibly having a smaller crew complete the project. Obviously it is difficult for us to recommend a complete crew come out for this kind of small project and so $2500 (our project minimum) is just way too much money. Regardless of this (project minimum) many customers do elect to hire Denver Concrete Inc. to complete their smaller projects anyway, we like to make certain that we give our customers all of their options.

At any rate when it comes to small concrete projects, do-it-yourself projects, Denver Concrete Inc. is here to answer whatever questions you might have. Please feel free to use the form located here to submit project information for our concrete experts to review or simply call our office and reach out for a "concrete consultant" who will call you personally to review your project. A "project review or consultation" is absolutely free and there is no commitment on your part.


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