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Concrete Crack Repair That Really Works

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Reinforced concrete crack repair Denver

Time to take care of your concrete driveway cracks? Is the cracking getting worse? Denver Concrete Inc integral crack repair system is definitely worth checking out.

For small cracks, those that are less than a 1/4" wide our crack repair system addresses the surface issue and structural issue as well. Most concrete crack repair only solve the surface issue, ultimately the repair will need to be performed again in the near future. With our grid reinforcement crack repair, that is now a thing of the past. As a matter of fact the system is so strong that an overlay system can be installed on top of this repair.

Cross Grid Stitch concrete repair Denver, concrete crack repair denver
The stitch pattern concrete repair actually alleviates pressure on the crack. This takes care of the cracking.

Most Crack Repairs Fail Quickly

concrete crack repair
This carbon fiber grid stitch repair system not only addresses the crack, but relieves tension by installing additional reinforcement.

Most concrete crack repairs do not fail right away. As a matter of fact it will be months before any kind of crack repair will fail. Even if the product is applied correctly, it will fail. At least that is usually. That's the hassle of that really, isn't it? Having to come back months later and do the same process all over again. Typically a crack in concrete is a "long-term" treat and failure of the concrete. As the concrete continues to move, so does the crack making whatever crack repair you've performed alternately worthless.

Now, with Denver Concrete Inc. new reinforced carbon fiber grid concrete crack repair, repairs across the face of the repair line. The weight of the concrete redistributed away from the existing crack repair line. By redistributing the pressure, this will help prevent "re-cracking".

This kind of crack repair is extremely useful before installing a brand-new overlay for an interior concrete floor. You can repair your garage floor instead of having to tear out and reinstall. You can repair the integral cracks in your garage floor. This system can be prepped for painting, overlays, plaster, polishing and other decorative concrete finishes.

Stops Concrete From Continuing To Crack

This carbon fiber grid stitch repair system is absolutely revolutionary. This is because it combines carbon fiber stitching embedded into a structural epoxy adhesive. A "true structural" concrete repair. This could be used for either horizontal crack repair or vertical crack repair. Unlike other concrete crack repair that only cosmetically addresses the issue, our "grid system" actually addresses the reason for the concrete cracking. This repair assists in slowing down or completely stopping the concrete from continuing to crack.

The system has extremely successful case studies in commercial applications as well as residential. Denver Concrete Inc. will warranty any crack repairs with the "grid system" for 12 months. This limited warranty protects against any further cracking in the area of the repaired crack.

Affordable Denver Concrete Crack Repair Cost

$10 per linear foot

With concrete repair jobs or projects is important to know that there is a project minimum of $500 for concrete crack repair. The pricing above does not include any additional concrete services like a chipped floor system or a concrete overlay.

Pricing is adjusted for larger projects and so it is important to note that it will decrease with additional linear footage. The price above includes site preparation, installation and project cleanup.

The Process for Grid System Concrete Crack Repair

The process is simple. We start by preparing the cracks in the concrete. Routing the cracks initially and cutting relief cuts every 12" perpendicular to the crack. The crack routed with a 4" V shaped grinder. Routing the concrete clears out any failing concrete that might be loose and cause our crack repair to fail. Once the crack is routed and the perpendicular cuts made long the crack line, the crack line will cleaning. It is best to clean with a shop-vac or vacuum of some kind.

Once the crack line area has been cleaned of any debris, it is time to install the carbon fiber strips into our "grid cuts". These were the cuts that were made perpendicular to the crack. Here we broadcast epoxy and Portland cement or sand into the actual crack. For larger or wider cracks we will install epoxy, broadcast sand or Portland cement into the crack and then continue to overlay with epoxy. This seals the crack as well as fills it. The carbon fiber grid will start to relieve pressure in the crack line and redistribute the weight of the pad.

If the carbon fiber strips are above the concrete surface after curing, do not worry. These can be ground along with the epoxy for preparation of the new overlay. The crack repair can also simply be left as is. The new epoxy treatment will serve as a sealant.

That is it for the concrete crack repair. This system will permanently fix the crack and no further cracking should appear in the neighboring area.

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