Concrete Removal in Denver

If you are looking to get rid of your concrete patio, concrete retaining wall or concrete walkway, Denver Concrete Inc offers concrete removal as a stand-alone service. If you are looking to cut your concrete patio and remove a portion of it. Or tear out an old concrete pad in the back yard, we can help. We offer concrete removal in Denver as a service on its own.

concrete removal in Denver, garage floor replacement
Denver Concrete Inc was hired to remove the car port, concrete driveway, front walk and stoop.

Concrete Removal Services In Denver

For concrete removal services, you can call any one of our concrete experts at (303) 622-3191 and get a quick over the phone estimate. For a firm estimate it is important to get an in-person review of the work to be completed. It is the only way we can produce a "closed" bid.

Your concrete removal estimate from Denver Concrete Inc is a turnkey estimate. This means that it will include all considerations. You can depend on not getting a final invoice for any amount higher than your original estimate. Unless there is a change order. This happens when the scope of work changed from the original estimate.

Our concrete removal services vary in price depending on the amount of concrete removed. The more concrete that we take out per project, the cheaper concrete removal services become per sq ft.

Concrete Removal as a Stand-Alone Service

Of course when we are tearing out and replacing concrete, we offer concrete removal as part of the service. Denver Concrete Inc also offers concrete removal as a "stand-alone" service. Many customers call on us to just tear out and dispose of a concrete patio or retaining wall.

Sometimes customers have us tear out concrete features that simply need to go. Whatever the case is, we can help!

denver concrete removal garage floor northside denver concrete inc
Denver Concrete Inc was hired to tear out and replace this Northside Denver concrete garage floor, driveway and back patio

Denver Concrete Removal Prices

Pricing for concrete removal as a stand-alone service depends on the square footage that is torn out as well as the thickness. For example, a standard concrete patio would be around 450 sq ft. Also, most concrete patios are located in the back yard of most residences. So with that being the case, more than likely demolition will need to be completed manually with a jack hammer. The concrete after broken will transfer out for disposal at a local concrete recycling yard.

As you can see there is a great deal of manual work that needs completion in that scenario. Let's take a look at a concrete driveway. Here heavy equipment is used to break up the concrete and also to carry it away for disposal. Access is easier with the concrete driveway than with the patio. The manual concrete removal for the patio is obviously a great deal more work and will require more crew to get the job done.

The average price to tear out and dispose of concrete in Denver is around $3.00 / sq ft. Prices will vary depending on square footage, the thickness of the concrete as well as the amount of manual labor needed.

Make certain to give one of our concrete experts a call today at (303) 622-3191! Or you can also fill out our concrete removal estimate to the right. One of our staff will get in touch to schedule an in-person estimate right away! Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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Concrete Removal Services

Looking for concrete removal?

Denver Concrete Inc. offers concrete removal and disposal as standalone services. So, if you have been considering removing that old concrete patio, make sure to give the pros at Denver Concrete Inc a call.

Denver Concrete Inc has affordable pricing and most importantly, our team of concrete demolition experts will leave your project cleaner than when they started.

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