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Concrete crew fills in a trench Downtown Denver, 14th st.

Different cities handle city sidewalk differently throughout the Denver Metro Area; However, in Denver there is “Denver’s Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program” (NSRP) which addresses city sidewalks throughout all of Denver. Their entire operation is focused on maintaining city sidewalks and to address those sidewalks that are damaged, severe sloping or uneven.

As per ordinance, all Denver property owners are liable for the maintenance of city sidewalks that are adjacent to their property. In an effort to assist with this, the city has extended repayment programs and discounts for those home owners and property owners that qualify for such assistance. Denver is very dedicated to maintaining sidewalks and roads. As a matter of fact in some instances, the city is authorizing less expensive type repairs which was not previously allowed (repairs like grinding and crack repair).

Hazardous Sidewalks

If the manager of public works determines that any sidewalk in Denver is in such bad condition that it presents a hazard to members of the public in large, then they will set forth a notice to the homeowner about remedying the situation. This notice will typically come in the mail and it will also be posted on the property adjacent to the sidewalk that needs to be replaced or repaired.

The notice will contain a description of what needs to be repaired or replaced, an explanation of the hazard as well as a complete statement covering the property owner’s right to appeal the decision of the public works manager. Typically all such requests from Denver will need to be completed within 45 days to comply with the manager’s request. If the work is not completed by the property owner within that time, then the city will come in with their own crews and complete the project and charge the property owner for the work completed.

If you have received a notice that your sidewalk needs to be repaired, you will want to work with a concrete contractor that has the ability to pull “NSRP” permits. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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City Sidewalk Estimate Request

If you have dangerous or hazardous city sidewalk, make sure you know what your options are. Fill out this estimate request and our team will help present a plan to the inspector that will hopefully save time and money!

Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program

Below are links to the Denver Public Works, Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program. These are links that customers have told us that they found useful during the process of finding the right solution for their project.

Are you a do it yourself homeowner?

The city of Denver has a complete white paper for DIY repairs and city sidewalk replacement. Click here to learn more.

Notices & Repairs Hazardous Sidewalks
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Permits are required for the following Denver city sidewalk repairs:

  • All work for commercial and multi-unit properties
  • Homeowners of single family/duplex properties replacing sidewalk panels
  • Homeowners of single family/duplex properties doing any DIY repairs if the sidewalk cannot remain open to pedestrians

Above, Denver City Sidewalk that has lifted beyond grinding. This section of city sidewalk has lifted so much that the only repair that will take care of the issue is tearing it out, regrading the base and compacting, forming and pouring the new city sidewalk. For more information as to what is required by the city of Denver for city sidewalk specifications, please visit the Denver City Right of Way Improvements [PDF] or you can also visit our page on Denver City Requirements for City Sidewalk.