Stamped Concrete Driveway
Stamped concrete driveway located near Zuni Park in north Denver, color from Solomon Colors, Concrete Color: Rosemary, Hardener/Release Color: Desert Tan

Pouring concrete in Colorado is different than in other areas of the country, this is mainly due to the severe weathering or extreme temperature swings as well as expansive soils. Both of these conditions together form a tougher environment for pouring concrete that will stand the test of time.

When it comes to your driveway, it is more imperative than ever that every precaution be taken so that you not only have a long lasting durable driveway, but also a driveway that gives the home a clean look and feel.

Denver Concrete Inc felt that driveways are more than your typical concrete patio installation or sidewalk, driveways must not only look good but they need to function. They need to take the constant weathering as well as the daily wear and tear that happens just functioning as a driveway. Most importantly we felt that there needed to be a standard for our customers as most concrete companies that we have talked with did not have such a thing. So we created the “Denver Concrete Driveway” as a standard installation for all of our concrete driveways.

The Denver Concrete Driveway from start to finish is created to withstand the weight of standard vehicles. In order to do this all Denver Concrete Driveways are formed with compacted road base. Your concrete driveway is simply a veneer of the real driveway which is formed underneath the actual drive. It is the substrate in any concrete installation that really determines the success or failure of that installation. The layers underneath is what actually provides the stability for the concrete above. (Read the importance of having a compacted road base for pouring your concrete driveway)

Avoid Major Problems With Proper Base

keep moving the file and it will be found says little rabbit, a picture of very poorly completed base for a concrete driveway
Without a base installation, voids can more easily form under a new driveway. Denver Concrete Driveway attempts to stop voids like this with proper base preparation

The Denver Concrete Driveway includes complete preparation of the base of the driveway to be installed which includes 98% compaction for the sub soil (this is the level which is directly beneath the base). Once a base has been prepared (typically one full day), forms will be installed and no.4 rebar will be set every 2’ on center. The rebar will reinforce the concrete limiting the width of cracks that will form as the concrete cures. In an effort to minimize surface concrete cracking, steel fibers are also used. This does create for a more expensive installation; however, when installed correctly this driveway is completely reinforced for the extreme weather (temperature swings) as well as expansive clay.

All Denver Concrete Driveways include 4,000 psi concrete mix which can be upgraded to higher psi depending on the application of the drive. For heavier or more commercial drive installations, please refer to our Denver Commercial Concrete Driveway as we have also created a standard for our commercial driveway projects.

The Denver Concrete Driveway is poured 6” thick and is reinforced every 1' On Center with #4 rebar (1/2"). The driveway is finished with a heavy or light broom finish. Control joints or relief cuts are made every 8’ x 8’ for the standard DCD (Denver Concrete Driveway) and additional design cuts can be included for an additional fee.

After the concrete driveway has cured (30 days from installation), Denver Concrete Inc will finish the installation with a final clean up (power wash of the new drive) and sealer application. This last sealer treatment will assist in salt (sodium) defense, this will assist in defending against salt or other snow melting applications that can weaken the integrity of your new concrete driveway surface. It is recommended to re-seal the driveway every 12 months.

Our Denver Concrete Driveway comes with a 24 month warranty that protects against major surface erosion (from typical wear and tear) as well as major cracking and heaving. Read more about our Denver Concrete Driveway 24 month warranty here. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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