As with anything, “it depends”, right? For arguments sake though, let’s just assume some things. Let’s assume that you are wanting to just simply take care of a two car driveway (kind of the average in the Denver Metro area) and you would just like to replace what you already have. The current driveway has seen better days and it is simply time to replace your existing driveway.

Many homeowners like to get a range of what it would cost per square foot or what the “average” driveway costs. So, lets get those out of the way. A typical cost per square foot for a concrete company in Denver to come out and tear out and replace your existing concrete driveway is roughly $15.50 per square foot. The average Denver driveway (2 car driveway) is about 18’ wide by 30’ deep, so that is 540 sq ft. So, that places the typical driveway, tear out and replace at around $8,370.00.

Average Cost to Replace Driveway in Denver

Average Cost Per Sq Ft $15.50
Average Total Cost to replace existing driveway $8,370.00

Of course these costs haven’t gone into any kind of detail as of yet, so we have not discussed how we are going to go about replacing the existing driveway. In other words, are we going to regrade the driveway or “re-base” the driveway before pouring the new concrete? Is there going to be rebar in the new driveway?

Many times homeowners get lost during the estimate process focusing completely on the bottom line instead of the actual process. I know there’s been several times where we have been out in the field competing for business only to find out that the estimate our customer is comparing our price to has not included everything that our estimate did include.

Obviously it’s very important to have a “apples to apples” comparison when shopping estimates for any type of home improvement and concrete is definitely no different in this regard. Some online resources state that the average price to replace a concrete driveway is between three dollars per square foot and seven dollars per square foot. That is definitely a wide range and in the Denver Metro area, most Denver concrete contractors are going to be in the $6.50 to $7.50 range per square foot for tear out and replacement of a concrete driveway. This price should include everything from the cost of the new concrete to the disposal of the old driveway as well.

With concrete, the larger the project is the cheaper it becomes. This is mainly due to the fact that most concrete suppliers (concrete delivery companies) will give a cheaper price per yard of concrete for larger orders. So, smaller projects (concrete installations that are less than 300 ft.²) have much higher prices per square foot than larger projects do. A table of our concrete pricing for driveways is listed below.

Square Feet

New Install Price/Sq Ft

Tear Out Replace Existing Driveway

50 – 300



301 – 500



501 – 1000






The prices here are for concrete driveways only. Driveways are special compared to other concrete projects, most of the time a pump is not required for most driveways, this does affect the price of the driveway. Every little cost obviously affects the total bottom line.

Is it cheaper to use asphalt or concrete?

If we do not get into the maintenance costs associated with asphalt, asphalt definitely wins this contest. An asphalt driveway will run anywhere from $3.50 per square foot to $5.50 per square foot. Asphalt does not maintain as well as concrete and must be resurfaced or sealed regularly. The comparison is almost foolish to make as they are completely two different materials. “Out-of-the-box” asphalt is much cheaper to install at least initially.

According to and a post that we already made about the average cost of a driveway, they have quoted an average driveway at 38’ x 16’ wide at $3040. The problem with this is that the concrete materials alone for this driveway, delivered, would be $1250. The problem with these types of quotes is that they are very misleading and are not conservative in the least. Their total cost includes a five man crew with 42 man hours on the job, in the real world this would be a total cost of $1500 on the day. So although there estimate is not completely unreasonable it is definitely on the cheaper side. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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