Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete patio, stamp style is a slate skin stamp with release cuts every 4 3' the smaller cuts are about 18

Stamped Concrete Denver, Affordable Curb Appeal for Any Budget

stamped concrete denver, slate colored patio with skin stamp

Complete stamped concrete patio completed by Denver Concrete July 2016 for project details and all images of this project click here

Stamped concrete Denver or decorative concrete, colored concrete that is textured and imprinted. The concrete is textured to replicate hardscapes like flagstone, wood, slate and brick. It is a more affordable option than using hardscapes or pavers in most cases and proves to be more durable in most cases. Stamped concrete offers a high-end finish that requires less maintenance than actual pavers, wood or stone. Stamped and colored concrete needs to be sealed on a regular basis. There is definitely more maintenance involved with stamped concrete as opposed to traditional concrete or colored concrete. Read more about stamped concrete maintenance here.

Stamped Concrete Curb Gives Curb Appeal

Finished correctly, stamped concrete features such as a patio, walkway or borders can give a home or building that high-end curb appeal. With all the colors, texture and finish that is available there are literally thousands of combinations to creating a distinguished look.

Stamped Concrete Patios & Walkways

Above, this stamped concrete patio completed in 2021 by Denver Concrete Inc crew. This is "Rosemary" and stamped with a light Antique-it "Medium Gray".

Stamped concrete patios and walkways require less maintenance and upkeep than similar looking hardscapes. A wooden patio requires constant maintenance, cleaning and treating the deck.

A brick or stone patio requires ongoing maintenance and is not as durable as a stamped concrete finish. Stamped concrete costs much less than installing natfural or organic products such as lower-end pavers or hardscapes.

Low Maintenance Easy Upkeep

As for look and appeal, many prospective homeowners desire stamped concrete patios and walkways over other materials. The maintenance and upkeep with stamped concrete is much lower and the look is amazing!

stamped concrete patio with hardener or release on surface

(Above, same stamped concrete patio as seen above top right. In this picture the concrete has just been stamped and hardener has been applied. It will set like this for two days.)


Although there are several steps to installing stamped and colored concrete properly, the basic installation is the same as traditional concrete. The real work for finishing stamped concrete is the stamping and finishing that happens. The concrete has set to the proper consistency before the crew can stamp.

Once the concrete is about to "set" than it is ready to be stamped. The finishers apply a hardener and start applying the stamp and tamping it into the surface of the concrete. It is important that the stamp is applied correctly. This is to not overlap during the application process and to continue the pattern in a uniform fashion throughout the project. Overlapping the pattern will create unwanted ridges and impressions in the surface.


Denver Concrete Inc. takes a great deal of time in documenting each of our projects. We are proud, we want to showcase our work online. We do this for several reasons. The more that we document for potential customers the more ideas we are able to illustrate. Most importantly, you can view our completed work. When you are selecting a contractor for stamped concrete it is critical that you request references and a portfolio of past projects.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance

In the image above, the stamped concrete patio pictured has not been maintained in the last 7 years. Stamped concrete should be assessed at least one a year for resealing/rejuvenation.

Although stamped concrete patios and driveways are very low maintenance as compared to pavers, hardscapes or decking. Stamped concrete definitely has a higher degree of maintenance as compared to traditional concrete. Really it is a difference of the finish.

Broom finish, smooth trowel finished concrete do not require sealant or regular maintenance of a surface sealant. Although a concrete sealant is recommended, it is not required like it is with stamped concrete. Stamped concrete has a very pourous surface compared with traditional concrete finishes. Additionally, when stamped concrete is originally poured a second color, typically a release or "Antique-it" is applied. This will typically erode or disappear over time as the sealant ages.

Above, our crew has restored this patio, it is pictured in the image directly above this before being "rejuvenated"

Areas that receive more sunlight and "weathering" will wear and the patio will look as though it has lost color. As a matter of fact a perfect example of this is two pictures up. There a stamped concrete patio can be seen before it was rejuvenated. Denver stamped concrete weathers a little different than other areas of the country. With our high altitude and volatile "freeze/thaw" cycles, stamped concrete gets and especially the sealant are constantly being tested.

Denver Stamped Concrete Experts

Denver Concrete Inc has installed hundreds of stamped concrete projects in Denver and the immediate surrounding Denver Metro Area. From Boulder to Parker and even beyond, our crew travels the front range installing the most beautiful, stamped concrete patios, driveways and walkways. If you have not considered stamped concrete as an alternative to traditional concrete, you should. Make certain to talk to your concrete expert about stamped concrete today! We have made getting an estimate for stamped concrete easy. Simply fill out the "stamped concrete request" form on the right. Our staff will be in touch immediately to set up an in-person estimate. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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Finished Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete patio denver


Above, this patio was completed about three years ago, this picture was taken after it's (the patio's) third season of being sealed. Denver Concrete Inc. follows up with customers regularly to remind them of regularly scheduled treatments for their past projects. This patio was installed on top of a road base compacted base of 10 tons! Depending on the area, Denver Concrete Inc. will assess the soils for proper base installation before forming and installing the actual patio.

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Is stamped concrete expensive?

Stamped Concrete Maintenance

Pretty common question when our team is on the road completing estimates and consulting with customers. We figured we might as well put this pricing page together to answer those questions!

Is stamped concrete expensive?

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Pretty common question when our team is on the road completing estimates and consulting with customers. We figured we might as well put this pricing page together to answer those questions!

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