Ugly Concrete?
We know how to deal with that kind of thing. Whether it is to tear it out and replace the concrete or save it, our concrete experts will help advise you on all of your options.
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Do you have unsightly cracks and patches? Call Denver Concrete for an estimate today!

Colorado weather is tough on concrete. The continuous swings in temperature and precipitation makes Colorado a difficult environment to install concrete. The intense weathering as well as expanding soils all create a very tough environment for installing concrete that will last over time.

Denver Concrete Inc. advises and manages all projects with the end in mind. The end is not the completion of the project, the end is how well the project will endure the test of time. All projects must be coordinated and constructed with the end in mind.
Ugly concrete gives an impression to a business or home and is quite genuinely the first impression of a property. Cracked and unsightly concrete creates a real “ugly” impression. We want to help you not only fix the cosmetic issues with your concrete but also create a solution that will give your home or business the curb appeal it rightly deserves.

It is important that we manage every project as though it were our very own. This is exactly why all Denver Concrete Inc. projects have a 12 month warranty. We follow up on all of our projects to make certain that we have honored our satisfaction guarantee and that ALL of our customers are completely satisfied with the end result of their project.

We can help you repair your stoop and fortify the new install to prevent future issues.

We know and understand that your concrete project is an investment and we know that it is our job to deliver the best solution for your particular needs. We take the time to really understand our customer needs and then deliver a custom estimate that covers the scope of work to be completed. This is why it is so very difficult to offer over the phone estimates. Learn more about our estimate process here.

The estimate you receive from Denver Concrete Inc will be a little different than the process you will encounter with our competitors. This is because our process really takes into account our customer’s end goal. We meet with all of our customers in person so that we can really sketch out the scope of work to be completed. It is important that we really understand what needs to be completed so that our estimate is completely accurate. Best 17 Denver Contractors 4 Years In A Row!

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Stamped & Decorative

Have you been considering a new or replacement concrete patio? Denver Concrete Inc has a dedicated crew just for colored and stamped concrete projects. It is important when working on a decorative or stamped concrete project that you are working with a crew that not only has references, but has the experience necessary to correctly install the pattern and color for your new concrete patio.

We have several references and examples of projects that we have completed.

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Concrete Repair

In Denver or Colorado in general, concrete will always crack. It is a matter of when really. When your concrete does crack what you do to repair it will determine how much more damage will happen in the future. Preventative maintenance on cracks and spalling will help increase the life of your concrete.

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Concrete Repair